Airstream International Group celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary at an event held at the Aviator Hotel, Farnborough Airport, UK.

Employees past and present were invited to attend the event which included a buffet lunch. Founder Directors Peter Graham and Peter Crutchfield both spoke, praising everyone who had worked at the company for the contribution they had made.

Peter Graham spoke about the lease management activities, which dominated the company’s business throughout the 1990’s and which at its peak employed over twenty people. Peter Crutchfield then went on to talk about the company’s sales and leasing business, starting with its relationship with regional jet manufacturer Embraer, and subsequently establishing the company as the leading provider of independent remarketing, leasing and ACMI services to the aviation industry.

Thirty five people attended the event. Many former employees have remained working in aviation, going on to hold senior positions in a wide range of organisations worldwide.

Airstream looks forward to many more years of successful trading in the future.

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