Airstream Arranges Sale of DHC-8-300 Aircraft

Aircraft remarketing specialists Airstream International Group are pleased to announce that they have arranged the sale of a 1998 manufacture Bombardier DHC-8-300 aircraft, on behalf of a global investor, to Fly540 Kenya.

Msn 525 is the first DHC-8-300 in Fly540’s fleet, which will be operated alongside their existing DHC-8-100’s.

Airstream has been very active placing DHC-8 aircraft, successfully arranging the sale or lease of 30 Bombardier aircraft in the last 5 years.

Airstream provides aircraft sales, leasing and financing services for an international client base that has included airlines, government organisations, lessors, investors and financial institutions as well as spare parts organisations. The Company has successfully completed transactions involving more than 600 aircraft in over 25 years of successful trading.

For more information please contact:
Alex Vandeleur, Managing Director